The CoBCoM Winter School Workshop, running from November 20 to 24, 2017 is targeted at graduate students, early career and senior researchers interested in structural and functional brain connectivities via multi imaging modalities including diffusion MRI, functional MRI, MEG, and EEG.

Spanning five days, the workshop will begin with introductory talks and tutorials on structural and functional connectivity using dMRI, fMRI, EEG, and MEG. Moving through the week, more advanced topics will be covered, including

  • Advanced signal acquisition and modeling;
  • Whole-brain connectivity-based parcellation;
  • Riemannian and Finslerian geometry;
  • High order tensors and invariants;
  • Microstructure imaging;
  • Advanced fiber tractography;
  • Connectome analysis including topological and spatial features of brain networks;
  • Model-based neuroanatomy;
  • Computational topology for brain imaging;
  • Dynamic network analysis;
  • Clinical research;

Early bird registration ends Oct 15, regular registration ends Nov 15.