Pytranslate – Maxima to Python Translator


The package pytranslate, developed in the context of Google Summer of Code 2019, is a loadable package in Maxima and provides Maxima to Python translation functionality. It was developed under the mentorship of Dimiter Prodanov and Rober Dodier as an INCF project by Lakshya A Agrawal of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi, India.

Python has extensive library support and gaining a stronghold in the field of neuroinformatics. Maxima is an expressible computer algebra system and language. A Maxima to Python Translator will provide a way for the implementation of algorithms in Maxima which make use of the extensive libraries in Python. One can write certain parts of algorithms in Maxima and others in Python, and ultimately translate Maxima to Python, integrating both. Further, for a person comfortable in Maxima, it will be easy to share their work with a person unfamiliar with Maxima.

The project proposal for Google Summer of Code is available here.

Pytranslate is written in Common Lisp and Maxima. The source code is present in the Maxima repository.