This year the Belgian INCF  Node proposed two projects under the Google Summer of Code 2018.

Weare  happy to announce that the GSOC project

Modular Machine Learning and Classification Toolbox for ImageJ

(3rd iteration ) by Sanjeev Dubej was successfully completed!

The project incorporated Legendre image moments and texture descriptors for the purposes of classification of different objects within similar images.

The code is available for download at:

Sanjeev was an excellent student. He was very attentive to details and feedback from our side. We appreciate very much his effort in development and testing of our platform. This allowed for solving a number of bugs on the user interface.

Sanjeev  highlights his  experience in the following blog post .


Pipeline to detect the haemodynamic response function at Rest


The lab of Daniele Marinazzo at UGent has developed a toolbox from the retrieval and deconvolution of the Hemodynamic Response Function (HRF) from resting state fMRI signals. Once that the HRF has been retrieved for each voxel, it can be deconvolved from the time series (for example to improve lag-based connectivity estimates), or one can map the shape parameters everywhere in the brain (including white matter), and use the shape as a pathophysiological indicator. The goal of this project was to make a BIDS app out of this toolbox. This involved translating the code to Python, and to make a container of it.

Neuroimaging relies upon established standard to make sense of shared data and to ensure robustness and reproducibility of the analyses. To answer these needs, the BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure format has been proposed.  A BIDS App ( is a container image capturing a neuroimaging pipeline that takes a BIDS formatted dataset as input.


Madhur Tandon is the student who completed the project. Here the link to his  report.

Asier Erramuzpe Aliaga, a former GSoC student, was co-mentor of the project. Guorong Wu, Nigel Colenbier, and Sofie Van Den Bossche were also massively involved in testing and brainstorming. The app is now listed among the official BIDS app (, and hosted on NITRC Its Docker image can be found here: