Deciphering the intimate structure of the brain is one of the grand challenge for Neuroscience.

Such endeavor can only be achieved with the development of software infrastructure to efficiently store, manipulate and analyze the large datasets generated by a wide variety of electrophysiological and imaging techniques currently available.

To this end we provide series of training activities.

Brain Modes 2016

    BrainModes ( is a venue in which computational and modelling approaches to study the brain are discussed together with applications and new perspectives. The BrainModes meetings  seek to explore innovative means of understanding complex brain activity and multimodal neuroscience data sets. The inaugural BrainModes meeting was held in Berlin in 2007. The objective of these… Read more »

2nd Belgian Neuroinformatics congress

Deciphering the detailed structure of the brain and how different brain regions interact are one of the grand challenges for Neuroscience.  Advances in imaging techniques guarantee an immediate improvement in the quality and extension of brain recordings. Therefore a constant effort is needed in order to efficiently merge, analyze, interpret and model these data.  This… Read more »