The Belgian Neuroinformatics Node is network of research labs and individual fellows who foster understanding of Neuroscience through formal methods and automation of data analysis. Our goal is to understand how different types of brains work. The network is associated to the  International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility (INCF), where Belgium was a former member country.   Neuroinformatics is a research field concerned with the processing and organization of neuroscience data by the application of principles of computer science and state of the art software design methodologies. The Neuroinformatics provides generic and interoperable computational tools, mathematical models, and databases for Neurosciences.

Why Neuroinformatics?

With the diversity of the data generated in neuroscience, going from the genetic and molecular level to cognitive functions and the diversity of acquisition systems, the necessity of developing software tools, standards to describe the data and proper models appears crucial for a better integration of these heterogeneous data for further understanding the brain.

scales modeling


What is INCF?

INCF is an international network fostering  neuroinformatics expertise  to support collaboration throughout the global brain research community.  The mission of INCF is to accelerate advances in understanding and treating the brain through the development of neuroinformatics – applying the best practices of data science to challenges in basic and clinical brain research. The INCF network consists of

Governing Nodes:  Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden

Associated Nodes: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Poland,  United Kingdom, USA


GSOC 2022 announced

April 11, 2022

The Belgian Neuroinformatics node will participate with two project ideas announced on   GSoC 2022 Project Idea 18.2: High content image feature and classification database – 350 h and GSoC 2022 Project Idea ...

Special issue completed

February 11, 2022

The special issue “Neuroinformatics and Signal Processing” has been successfully completed. The issue has published 9 articles from leading experts in the field. Wang, Y.; Dai, Y.; Liu, Z.; Guo, J.; Cao, G.; ...

Long-running GSoC project on image segmentation results in a paper

January 14, 2022

INCF’s Active Segmentation for ImageJ working group – including GSOC students – has just published a paper in Brain Sciences as part of a special issue on neuroinformatics and signal ...
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